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Agricultural Fuel

We offer fuel for Agricultural purposes and can arrange for regular planned fuel delivery to suit the nature of your business.

As we are part of Armstrong Richardson Agricultural team we understand the nature of running a farming business and the deadlines which need to be met.

We have no upper limit on the amount of fuel which can be ordered and can discuss delivery days and devise a delivery plan to suit individual business needs. 

Forward fuel could be a huge benefit to an Agricultural Business and we are happy to discuss individual requirements with you.IMG 5011


For agricultural use we supply Gas oil for the machinery, Ultra Low Sulphur Diesel for the road vehicles and Kerosene for the farmhouse. Our products exceed the normal British Standards, for example our kerosene has a typical sulphur content of only 0.05%, the British Standard is 0.10%. This might not seem a huge figure, but you would have to burn about twice as much of our kerosene to produce a similar amount of sulphur dioxide therefore this is much better for the environment.






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